Craft Training

In support of member contractor workforce development, the AGC of South Dakota has facilitated on-the-job training in collaboration with the South Dakota Department of Labor and the AGC Supervisory Training Program.  If you are interested in either of the programs detailed below, contact the AGC of South Dakota to learn more.


OJT provides an opportunity for individuals who may be lacking job skills to get them.  This program provides businesses an opportunity to train workers in the specific skills, methods and work habits used in their establishment.  Participants earn wages while they are being trained and then remain employed in a permanent job once their training is completed.


STP is a construction-specific training curriculum developed, updated, and field-tested by and for contractors. Supervisory skill - or the lack of it - directly affects every company's bottom line. Each day, decisions made by every foreman and superintendent are crucial to the success or failure of every construction project. You make your money in the field, and STP can help you improve your organization's bottom line.

Offered locally across the country, STP is a comprehensive 12-course program geared specifically to the topics construction site supervisors need most.

Unit 1 Leadership and Motivation
Unit 2 Oral and Written Communication
Unit 3 Problem Solving and Decision Making
Unit 4 Contract Documents and Construction Law
Unit 5 Planning and Scheduling
Unit 6 Understanding and Managin Project Costs
Unit 7 Accident Prevention and Loss Control
Unit 8 Managing the Project - The Supervisor's Role
Unit 9 Productivity Improvement
Unit 10 General and Specialty Contractor Dynamics
Unit CS Construction Supervisor Overview
Unit HH Heavy/Highway Construction Supervisor Overview







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