Why Join AGC

A well functioning industrial association has a large capacity for providing benefits to its members.  Activities of the AGC of South Dakota Building Chapter indicate the work being carried out on behalf of constructors who are devoted to "Skill, Integrity and Responsibility".

Provides Safety Services and Training

  • Safety Training and Seminars
  • Onsite Visits and Consultations
  • Program Review and Development
  • Safety Publications
  • Liaison with Regulatory Agencies
  • Job Site Safety Posters
  • Special Programs with OSHA
  • Certification Programs (Crane, OSHA, Forklift...)
  • Safety Video Library

Provides Education Services  & Programs

  • Only approved Carpentry Apprentice Program in South Dakota
  • Support for SDSU Construction Management Program
  • Established student organizations at post-secondary level
  • Has articulation agreements with Carpentry Programs in High Schools, Technical Institutes and our Statewide Apprenticeship Program
  • Offers approximately $20,000 per year in scholarships
  • Sponsors the Commercial Construction  Economic Impact Study
  • Supports Career and Technical Education
  • Sponsors the State Skills USA Carpentry Contest
  • Endowed and Education Foundation
  • Produces a Wage and Benefit Survey

Provides Networking

  • Commitees and Task Forces
  • PAC
  • Representation on 20 National AGC Committees
  • Membership activities:  Fishing Tournament, Golf Tournament, Sport Clay Tournament, Poker Run
  • Annual State Convention

Provides Legislative Support

  • Is the voice of the Commercial Construciton Industry
  • Partners with other groups for legislation in support of construction
  • Works with the Governor's Office and Department of Labor on important issues

Provides Public Service

  • Established Operation Opening Doors to help wounded active duty servicemen
  • Produced a video promoting careers in the commercial construction industry

Provides Much More

  • Office in Sioux Falls and Rapid City
  • Benefits/Afinity Programs
  • ConsensusDOCS
  • Classroom and meeting space available to members
  • National AGC Award Winning Chapter
  • On-line Membership Directory
  • Website

"Every man owes a part of his time and money to the business in which he is engaged.  No man has a moral right to withhold his support from an organization that is striving to improve conditions within his sphere"  President Theodore Roosevelt

NPP Southeast Tech Howalt McDowell