You will be part of the Associate General Contractors of America...the largest and best trade association devoted entirely to serving the interest of the commercial construction industry. The National Association serves over 8,000 general contractors and over 25,000 associate members.  Regardless of your size you will be a part of an organization dedicated to "Build with the Best."

You will enjoy many benefits of a full service Association, including improved techniques and special developments in construction materials and methods, equipment, management, legal rulings, tax matters, labor relations, legislative representation in law making processes and other industry related programs.


Any firm whose livelihood is wholly or in part derived from the construction industry.

Membership Application

There are four levels of membership based on the prior year’s South Dakota Construction Volume. The four levels of membership are listed below and to learn more information about their individual member classifications click here.

  • Full General Contractor or Visiting General Contractor
  • Subcontractor/Specialty Contractor
  • Professional Service/Supplier
  • Educational Associate Member

To view our 2018 Annual Report click here.


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