Our Staff

Meet Our Team

The AGC of South Dakota Building Chapters is composed of a team of dedicated indivduals who are passionate about our members, their businesses, and in working together for the betterment of South Dakota's infrastructure and economic development.


Bryce Healy
Executive Director
7501 E. Arrowhead Parkway
Sioux Falls, SD 57110
P. 605-336-9338
C. 605-261-3672




Michael O'Neal
Director of Safety &
Workforce Training
7501 E. Arrowhead Parkway
Sioux Falls, SD 57710
P. 605-336-9338
C. 605-951-1665




Jim Heaphy
Safety Trainer
Rapid City Office
C. 605-261-1567






Margaret Pennock
Director of Workforce Development
Sioux Falls Office
C. 605-360-1621



Deb Mortenson
AGC of SD Lobyist
Pierre Office
C. 605-280-9372



Jamie Lambertz
Executive Assistant
Sioux Falls Office
P. 605-336-9338
C: 605-370-0351


Southeast Tech Howalt McDowell NPP